Artist Statement


My work stems from a fascination with the physical qualities of paint and perceptual aspects of color, and how these can relate to the concept of attraction. Consider common mass-marketing imagery: cereal box covers, movie posters, soda ads, and many others. It’s hard not to be drawn to images that have collectively had centuries and immeasurable wealth invested into aesthetics and desire.

My minimal compositions filter these thoughts through a lens focusing exclusively on color and surface. I seek to freeze the moment of gesture in a state which oscillates between motion and stasis, fluid and solid, potential and past. A luscious appearance is sought to ‘package’ the content; a tease to depth and substance which is hardly there.

I often think of ‘painting’ and ‘playing’ as the same action within my approach, which tends to manifest through pop culture collage, fluorescent colors, and fantastical gestures. Crayola crayons, stickers, and overly-saturated craft paint from my childhood influence the draw to these elements.