Artist Statement


Depth, perception, and expectations are critical aspects of my overall project as an artist. Commodity fetishism is another explicit concern. Formal strategies allow me to fulfill my reverence for surface quality, materiality, and the picture plane. I use visually dynamic material, such as holographic vinyl, to intensify the visual appeal of my work; a play on the commodified painting and painting-as-commodity. Pop iconography is used to confront my questionable relationship with fictional content; these images consist of actors, animatronics, or computer-generated models that I’ve naively perceived as substantial and authentic.  

Various materials play important roles in my process. Adaptation to context is paramount. Acrylic paint is used because of it’s perceptual and conceptual flexibility; it can oscillate between literal and illusory depending on its surroundings. I use various types of vinyl for the same level of flexibility; they can either draw attention to substance, light, or space accordingly.